Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase


TIFF Kids is now accepting submissions for the Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase, which presents short films created for young people by young people. If you are in Grades 4–8 and love making movies, send us your short film! Finalist films will be screened twice at the 17th annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival. TIFF Kids takes place from April 8 to 20, 2014.
Important information follows on how to submit your film. Please read carefully.


    - Jump Cuts is open to young amateur filmmakers in two categories: Grades 4–6 and Grades 7–8. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed Jump Cuts submission form, which must be signed/approved by a responsible parent or guardian.

    - Submission forms (online and PDF) are available on the official TIFF Kids website (tiff.net/jumpcuts), and by email request (jumpcuts@tiff.net).

    - Entrants must be residents of Ontario.

    - Individual and group or school projects will be considered, (Adult participation limited to a supervisory or actor role.)

    - Films must have been completed after January 1, 2013.

    - Films submitted to Jump Cuts must be original and not be copied from others. We encourage you to use original music, and not to include in your film any copyrighted film or television clips, or shots of branded products or company logos. If your film is selected as a finalist, and contains music, clips or brands that do not belong to you, TIFF Kids may require you to obtain consent to use the music, clips or brands as a condition of screening your film.

    - All of the children appearing in your film must have the consent of their parent or guardian to participate and appear.

    - If your film is selected as a finalist, TIFF Kids may require a responsible adult to sign a document confirming, among other things, that your film is original (or that you have obtained any consents necessary to use the work of others) and that all children appearing in the film have the consent of their parent or guardian to participate and appear.

    - Films containing graphic or gratuitous violence, verbal abuse, or content that attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity are not acceptable for Jump Cuts and will not be considered for competition.


    - Run time of the film must not exceed 5 minutes for Grades 4–6, and 8 minutes for Grades 7–8.

    - Any film or video format may be used in production. Please note that the format in which you shot and edited your film will typically vary from those used for preview and theatrical presentation.

    Preview (submission) format:

    Please submit your film online via a privately shared YouTube or Vimeo link. Submitting online is easy! See below for some helpful tips.

    - Although we strongly encourage applicants to submit their films online, if you are unable to provide an online version of your film, please contact jumpcuts@tiff.net to make other arrangements.

    Theatrical screening format:

    - The Festival strives to present works on screen to the highest possible level of quality. We prefer to receive high-definition and/or file-based content (quicktime, wmv, avi file). For this reason, all applicants are urged to keep all of their original project files pending a programming decision.

    - A Video DVD is a very compressed format and is the least durable way of receiving your content. The best screening quality can usually be achieved when we are provided content in the original format it was shot or edited in.

    - At the invitations stage, further technical guidelines will be provided for deliverables.

    - Please direct technical queries to: technical@tiff.net with "Jump Cuts" in the subject line of your e-mail.


    (Notes for submissions uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo)

    - While we reference YouTube and Vimeo as a resource for sharing your videos with us, this does not constitute an endorsement of such setrvices.

    - For the first-time user, both sites provide instructions and guides. Please see:


    Please ensure that when sharing your content that you have marked it as "private."

    For free accounts, there is a limit as to how many viewers can view a private video. As submissions are typically viewed by a programming team, we suggest that the video you post for submission is shared exclusively with TIFF.


    All entries must be received no later than 5pm on Friday, February 28, 2014. Entries received after this time will not be considered.


    All submissions meeting the above criteria will be considered. TIFF Kids will judge all eligible entries, and choose 7–12 finalists on the basis of proficiency in form, expression, experimentation, and content. Finalists' films will be presented to a jury prior to the 2014 TIFF Kids International Film Festival.


    - A jury consisting of film-industry professionals will assess the finalists and select prizewinners based on proficiency in form, expression, experimentation and content. The jury's decisions are final and appeals will not be considered.

    - Each finalist's short film will be screened twice at TIFF Kids International Film Festival: once during the School Programme and once during the Public Programme.

    - All finalists receive certificates of participation that will be presented at one of the above screenings.

    - One grand prize, consisting of one trophy per winning film, and one monetary bursary, generously provided by RBC, will be awarded to one individual, group or school in each grade category.

    - The Jump Cuts Awards are generously supported by Garrett Herman.

    - TIFF reserves the right to make final determinations regarding issues not currently addressed in this document.

Download the submission form (PDF)

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Email: jumpcuts@tiff.net

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