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My Choice Ticketing Selection Process




Don't all of your films sell out?

Only 30% of our screenings sell out.  If the screening you want is Off sale:

- Additional tickets may become available at 7am daily — purchase online, by phone or go to the Festival Box Office.

- If there are empty seats, we make these available to people in the Rush Line line at the Venue Box Office (generally as of 10 minutes before the screening).

Do I have to line up to buy tickets?

Lineups outside theatres are usually ticketholders waiting to get into the theatres. Because there is no assigned seating, people may choose to line up early to get their preferred seat selection.

To avoid standing in line at the Festival Box Office, you can choose to purchase online or by phone.

I have children. What screenings can they attend? What do their tickets cost?

All films at the Festival have been rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. These ratings will be indicated in our Official Film Schedule, available August 20, and posted online. Tickets for regular screenings for children 12 and under are $14.60 (price includes tax, before fees). The Festival's TIFF Kids programme is designed for our young film fans, with family-rated screenings.

What time should I arrive at the venue to pick up my tickets and get a seat?

We encourage you to pick up your orders at least one hour before the start of the screening to avoid long lines at the box office, and so you have a better choice of seats in the theatre. Please note that admission is guaranteed only up until 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the screening. Latecomers are admitted strictly at the discretion of staff at the venue. There is no admission 10 minutes after the start of the screening. Please note, packages can only be picked up at Festival Box Office; single tickets can be picked up at the venue.

Can someone else pick up my tickets, or can I pick them up if I purchased them using someone elses credit card?

Arrive with a photocopy of the credit card and ID (double-sided), with the order-confirmation number and a note authorizing pickup, signed by the cardholder. Download a sample note here. For packages, the pickup voucher will also need to be presented.

What does "maximum 4 tickets per screening, per account/membership" mean?

In order to ensure a fair distribution of tickets during the Festival, each account may only purchase/select 4 tickets for each Festival screening.

Is there a limit to the total number of tickets I can purchase?

You are only able to add 100 tickets to your shopping cart at any given time, but you are able to purchase more than 100 tickets (if you buy a 100 ticket flex pack, and then additional single tickets). You are restricted to 4 tickets per screening per account.

Do you have a companion seating policy?

Should you require companion or accessible seating, please contact the box office at 416-599-8433.

Where can I buy the Festival Programme book and other merchandise?

All merchandise and Programme Books will be available at TIFF Shop at TIFF Bell Lightbox, and at our Festival Box Officebeginning Aug 20. You may pre-order a Festival programme book with your ticket package (please note you will be sent a pick-up voucher that you will need to pick up your Programme Book. If you live out of town, you can purchase a Programme Book delivery service ($100). Delivery must be ordered by Aug. 15. The books will be dispatched for delivery on Aug 20.

What does OFF SALE mean?

OFF SALE means there is currently no inventory available for that event. Because inventory is constantly in flux, however, an event may alternate several times between onsale and offsale before the event date.

What does RUSH mean?

On the day of the screening when an event has gone OFF SALE, it is said to be RUSH. Because we do not allow same-day exchanges, once an event has gone RUSH it never goes back on sale except through the Rush line.

The film I want to see is currently OFF SALE. How do I get tickets?

Your best bet for OFF SALE events is to check back at tiff.net, over the phone, or at your Festival Box Office at 7am daily.

The film I want to see is currently gone RUSH. How do I get tickets?

Once a film has gone Rush, your only chance to get tickets is to go to the Venue. Sold out screenings sometimes have empty seats because not all ticket holders show up. These tickets are sold to the Rush line at the venue 10 minutes before the screening and wait in the Rush line.

For My Choice Packages, what's the difference between a Ticket Package Pick Up Voucher and a Package Ticket voucher?

Your Pick Up Vouchers are used to collect your completed package ticket selections. You will receive it at time of purchase, and will use to pick up your tickets after Sept 2. On the other hand, ticket Vouchers are automatically added to your order if you don't choose all your films. For example, only 9 screenings from a 10 Ticket Regular Flex Pack are selected. In this case you would receive 9 tickets and 1 ticket voucher that can be exchanged in person for a screening ticket.

I bought several different packages and Programme Books. Do I need multiple Pick Up Vouchers?

Yes. Each Ticket Package and Programme Book requires a separate Pick Up Voucher.

I amended my original order. For example, I've changed my order from a 10 Ticket Regular Flex Pack to a 20 Ticket Regular Flex Pack. Do I need a new Pick Up Voucher?

Yes. Your old voucher is invalid. Please collect a new Pick Up Voucher from the Box Office.

What Fees are added to my ticket order?

Fees vary between packages and single tickets.See fees here

My Choice Ticketing Selection Process

How do I make my selections online?

Flex and Premium pack buyers will be assigned a start time to select tickets between Aug 24 and Aug 30 You can log in with your package code and select tickets anytime between your start time and Aug. 30 at 7pm EDT. Click here to read more about the process. Value Pack buyers will be assigned a start time on Sept 2).

Why do I have to wait between purchasing my package and selecting my films?

The confirmed film list and schedule is not available until Aug. 20, so you will be sent a predetermined start time to log into our system and select your screenings.

How do you ensure fairness?

We go to great lengths to ensure a fair process to fulfill film requests. Our ticketing system randomly assigns windows to all Flex and Premium pack buyers (emailed to you on Aug. 19), with Contributor Members & Up having an early window. You can log in at any time from the beginning of your window until Aug. 30 at 7pm ET.

What if I'm not available for the start time I am assigned?

The best ticket availability will be at your start time, but you can make ticket selections any time up until Aug 30 at 7pm ET. If you want a friend to select your tickets on your behalf, you will need to give them your login and package code and they will be able to make your selections.

What if I don't make any selection by Aug. 30 at 7pm?

You will be able to log in beginning Sept. 2/3 at 9am, and will need to make your selections by Wednesday Sept 5th at 7pm. Starting Sept 6th, all unfulfilled package ticket selections need to be made in person at the Festival Box Office (you'll need your log-in, package code, and pickup voucher).

I don't have a computer. How do I make my ticket selections?

You can call or visit the Festival Box Office during your time slot. Please have your selections ready with your package code and an agent will assist you.

What if I buy multiple packs?

Customers can only purchase a maximum of one of each My Choice package type (Flex, Premium, Daytime, or Back Half) per account/person. For example, rather than purchase two 6 Ticket Premium Packs, a customer would purchase one 12 Ticket Premium Pack (subject to availability). Each pack type will have its own login, and ticket selection window start time. Back Half and Daytime pack redemption will begin on Sept. 2 (members/public).

What if I want to make my selections with a friend?

Now that all packages are sharable and offer a maximum of 4 tickets per screening, you can select multiple tickets for the same screening and take a friend.

Do I have to make all my ticket selections at one time? Can I go back into the system later?

You will need to make all your selections in one session. The session will time out after one hour and any tickets remaining in your shopping cart at that time will be released. If you only select a portion of your tickets and then check out, you will be given vouchers for the remaining tickets, which you can redeem in person for tickets at the Festival Box Office beginning Sept. 2.

How do I make exchanges?

If you change your mind on the ticket selections you have made, you can do exchanges beginning Sept 2 at 9am, in person at Festival Box Office, up until 7pm the day before your screening.


What is your refund and exchange policy?

All sales are final. — There are no refunds and no same-day ticket exchanges.
- My Choice Packs: Tickets may be exchanged, in person only at the Festival Box Office, up until 7pm on the day before the screening at the Festival Box Office.
- TIFF Choice Packs: No exchanges on films within TIFF Choice Packs.
- Single Tickets: Exchanges can occur up to 7pm on the day before the screening for a fee of $2.50 per ticket. Tickets that have been picked up can only be exchanged in person at the Festival Box Office. Tickets that have not been picked up can be exchanged over the phone by calling 416-599-TIFF, or toll-free 1-888-599-8433.

What payment methods do you accept?

TIFF prefers Visa, but we accept all major credit cards, debit, and cash. No online debit


Premium Screening

These are screenings that are World or North American premieres and offer a premium experience, including a red carpet event.

My Choice package ticket selection process

This is the process in which you make your ticket selections using our new online system (it replaces the old Advance Order procedure). You are also able to make selections in person or by phone. New this year: you will need a pickup voucher to pick up your tickets at Festival Box Office

Programme Book

Published by TIFF, this book features Programmers' notes on each film. It's available for pre-ordered pickup as of Aug. 20 at the Festival Box Office, and on sale at the Festival Box Office and at the TIFF Shop at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Member pre sale

This event is available to TIFF Members during our advance pre-sale.

Visa pre sale

This event is only available to TIFF Members and Visa cardholders.

Add to Cart

This screening has inventory available; you can add it to your cart and purchase through check-out.

Off Sale

There is currently no inventory available for this screening; however, some tickets may be returned, so please check back at 7am daily to confirm if any tickets have become available.

Value Pack

Our My Choice Value packs include our Back Half Pack and Daytime Pack. They will allow you to purchase tickets at a discounted price at select times/days of the Festival.


There is currently no inventory available; however, sold out screenings sometimes have empty seats because not all ticket holders show up. These tickets are sold to the Rush line at the venue 10 minutes before the screening.


Indicates a free ticketed event. Tickets are handed out at the venue 2 hours before the start of the screening. This includes TIFF Cinematheque and Blackberry People's Choice Award screening. Future Projections are also free, but are not ticketed.