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Baby Blues

Polish director Katarzyna Roslaniec follows her controversial, irresistibly scrappy debut Mall Girls with this edgy and disarmingly frank look at teen pregnancy.


When three estranged sisters reunite for their domineering mother's birthday bash, old wounds open and conflicts rise to the surface, in the powerful and daring new film from Jesper Ganslandt (The Ape).

The Capsule

Many a Swan

Walker preceeded by The Capsule

Wavelengths 1: Under a Pacific Sun

Bookended by Thomas Demand's astonishing 100-second animation Pacific Sun and legendary experimental filmmaker Ernie Gehr's no-holds-barred trip into painterly abstraction Auto-Collider XV, this programme traverses fabricated worlds marked by shifting weather patterns, stylized mythic backdrops, paper folds and cross-cultural magic carpet rides.