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100 Musicians

A couple quarrels over what they believe they heard on the radio. Is the mayor planning to hire 100 musicians, or is it 100 policemen? Based on the short story "June" by acclaimed Canadian poet and novelist Dionne Brand. Director Charles Officer confronts our civic cynicism and optimism by bringing politics into the bedroom.


Filmmaker Daniel Gordon investigates the 1988 Olympic race that resulted in disgrace for Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, a gold medal for the USA’s Carl Lewis, and major controversy over drug testing.


An obsessed scholar attempts to withdraw from the world but finds personal ties drawing him back into the family he had left behind, in this novelistic, beautifully modulated drama from acclaimed Québécois filmmaker Bernard Émond.

American Sisyphus

A modern-day Sisyphus fable manifests itself as punishment by gluttony when a dysfunctional family meets over Sunday brunch.


The debut film from Brandon Cronenberg is a prescient and chilling vision of a dystopian future where celebrity obsession has gone to literally sick extremes.


Poetic and political, Theodore Ushev's latest animated work cultivates his incredible talent by calling for the liberation of imprisoned Iranian filmmakers, focusing on the plight of Jafar Panahi.

Asian Gangs

In 1994, Grade 5 student Lewis Bennett got into a schoolyard fight that resulted in a stern warning from his principal. "Change your ways, or you'll end up in an Asian gang." Seventeen years later, Bennett (still Caucasian) revisits his past in this comedic documentary to determine if he took a wrong turn along the way.

L' Aubade

Engravings from century old medical textbooks become an animated backdrop to a man's loving goodbye during his final moments. The flicker of monochromatic images resonates with the narrator's quickening journey as he transitions from one world to another.

Bardo Light

Accused of killing his father, a young man maintains his innocence — claiming the real offender was the television set.


Danis Goulet returns to Northern Saskatchewan in the follow up to her acclaimed film Wapawekka. This coming-of-age tale follows sixteen-year-old Alyssa, a young Cree girl whose plans to be a mom are challenged by reality.


Visionary filmmaker Denis Côté (Curling) offers a strikingly beautiful contemplation of the caged denizens of a zoo in this intriguing cinematic inquiry into the mysterious rapport and insuperable gulf between animals and humans.

The Bitter Ash

A landmark in Canadian independent cinema, Larry Kent's jazzy, Nouvelle Vague–style chronicle of the sexual shenanigans of a young printer returns in a new restoration.


An alienated teenager's posturing online threat ignites a firestorm of fear in a small community, in this disturbing and perceptive look at how our media-fuelled, post-Columbine culture of fear can transform typical teen angst into intimations of murder.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend during sex, Russ is diagnosed with a rare — and fatal — disease known as BHS (Broken Heart Syndrome), and desperately searches for a cure.


The Mussorgsky suite Pictures at an Exhibition serves as inspiration for this visually arresting stop-motion rendering of the cycles of life, the power of man and beast, and the beauty and horror of labour.


Montreal filmmaker Rafaël Ouellet (Le Cèdre penché, Derrière moi) returns to the Festival with this affecting, finely crafted drama about a working-class family that reconnects in the wake of a fatal road accident.


Two escaped convicts form a strange alliance with a canoe-owning nudist in this hilariously Canadianized take on the prison-break flick.

Crackin' Down Hard

Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg's newest film shows that pimpin' ain't easy. Nowhere is this truer than in the middle of the desert where a young man out to hike and meditate in solitude is confronted with a proposition that might be just too hard to resist.

The Dancing Cop

In this surreal musical satire, a Native man is suspected of shoplifting by an overzealous cop who suddenly breaks away from typical police behaviour.

Dear Scavengers

A no-nonsense used-appliance shop owner is forced to contend with a phalanx of tween girls who invade his store during a summer camp scavenger hunt, in this short but sweet comedy.

The End of Time

Visionary filmmaker Peter Mettler (Gambling, Gods and LSD) traverses the globe to explore (and explode) our conceptions of time, in this entrancing combination of documentary and mind-expanding philosophical speculation.


This epic sci-fi thriller follows a young arctic hunter's struggle to survive alone, and her shocking discovery of a centuries-old secret buried under the ice.

Le futur proche

Ethereal aerial images of suburban sprawl, expressways and floating horizons frame this impressionistic portrait of Robin, a pilot who finds solace in his daily routines as a way to delay the pain of recent news from his family overseas. Sophie Goyette returns to the Festival with her follow-up to Manèges and La Ronde.

The Genius from Quintino

Known by locals for his uncanny ability to fix anything, mechanic Ricardo's reputation brings a curious young boy to his doorstep with a broken toy. Strong performances and a sensitive script highlight this drama about second chances.

Herd Leader

Clara's solitary life is turned upside-down when she inherits a disobedient pug from her late spinster aunt. But learning to live with man's best friend might teach her a few new tricks.

H'mong Sisters

Teenage sisters living among the mountain villages of Vietnam take a western backpacker under their wing. As they guide him through a traditional way of life that has been threatened and transformed by economic and colonial forces, their informal relationship exposes the underlying complexities of cross-cultural encounters.

Horrible Things

Nothing says sorry quite like a thoughtful present. But for Dede, Carole and Steve, their individual attempts to make amends and assuage their guilt with gift giving falls short in this dark comedy by Festival 2010 Short Film Award winner Vincent Biron.

How To Be Deadly

Newfoundland YouTube sensation "Donnie Dumphy" — underdog, hoser, and badass hero — makes his big-screen debut in this offbeat comedy set on the eve of St. John's annual dirt bike competition.

I Declare War

Summer war games between the neighbourhood kids turn deadly serious when jealousy and betrayal enter the mix, in this alternately hilarious and horrifying black comedy that mixes equal parts Lord of the Flies and Roald Dahl.

I'm beginning to miss you

When Pinaskin Ottawa disappeared from Manawan, Québec, no one saw him leave. His brother struggles to not lose hope, looking for clues and continuing his search. Stark images of a winter landscape scattered with fragments of human existence emphasize this poetic and chilling tale of loss.

Keep A Modest Head

Jean Benoît, the last official member of the French Surrealist group, receives Deco Dawson's signature visual treatment in this biographical documentary that fantastically illustrates the artist's formative (and highly sexual) childhood memories.

Laurence Anyways

The third feature from Montreal's Xavier Dolan (J'ai tué ma mère, Les Amours imaginaires) centres on a young bohemian couple whose defiantly exclusive relationship is sent spiraling when the man, Laurence, confesses that he believes he's transgendered. This audacious and searing mediation on love and sexuality is shot in hyper-florid style and driven by gutsy performances.

The Lesser Blessed

A teenage metalhead living in a remote community in the Northwest Territories grapples with the challenges of adolescence in this affecting adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel by Richard Van Camp.

Let the Daylight into the Swamp

With a mix of animation, re-enactments and archival evidence Jeffrey St. Jules assembles a three part 3-D documentary collage that explores his family history, and the consequences of parents who make the difficult decision to give up their children.

Life Doesn't Frighten Me

In this coming of age comedy life for Esther Weary includes her well-intentioned grandpa, friends that suck, and a deeply depressing birthday. Gordon Pinsent and Jade Aspros star in this modern story of teenage angst.


A poignant, observational short about the barriers of race and language in Canada.


An unexpected heroine is plunged into a world of forged identities, corporate intrigue and organized crime in this lively, genre-bending caper from award-winning Quebec director Manon Briand (2 secondes, La turbulence des fluids).

Lost in Motion

A dancer freed from costumes, sets — and possibly the laws of gravity — takes flight in a solo performance, soaring through the air with grace and power. Guillaume Côté, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, showcases his talent in a way never seen before.


In this irresistibly zany, sharp-witted documentary, director Simon Ennis introduces us to an unforgettable group of characters whose obsession with the moon and lunar colonization has given birth to utopian dreams of truly galactic proportions.


An ill young woman's surroundings become increasingly unstable as she sits at a quiet diner counter. The ensuing chaos, as her world literally turns upside-down, triggers an ominous sequence of events.


Acclaimed short filmmaker Dylan Reibling returns to the Festival with this playful look at the ongoing battle for supremacy between man and machine.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

A hyper-repressed and schlubby accountant (Jonas Chernick) strikes a deal with a worldly but disorganized stripper (Emily Hampshire): he'll help her with her crushing debt if she helps him become a better lover. Sharp direction by the versatile Sean Garrity and a very funny script by Chernick ensure for an uproarious — and surprisingly educational — sex comedy.


A small town in Quebec prepares for a coming apocalypse in this riveting — and scathing — portrait of everyday people facing a catastrophic environmental event.

Old Growth

In the frigid isolation of winter an elderly man braves the elements to hew his cord of wood with nothing but an axe and a wheelbarrow. What first appears as a landscape study soon becomes an elegy for nature's sacrifice to fuel man's existence, in this lyrical documentary.

Picture Day

A rebellious teenager (Tatiana Maslany, Grown Up Movie Star) forced to repeat her last year of high school is caught between adolescence and adulthood — and between two very different male admirers — in this charming and vibrant debut feature from writer-director Kate Melville.

The Pool Date

On a sunny South American beach, a silent territorial battle of wills ensues between a vacationing Canadian and a local stranger, loaded with unspoken inferences of sexual curiosity and cultural differences.

A Pretty Funny Story

After witnessing a neighbour's embarrassing antics, a bored family man is eager to report the story back to his office chums — but the paranoid neighbour hatches a drastic, bizarre plan to silence him.


Kidnapped and forcibly inducted into a rebel army, a young girl finds herself haunted by premonitory visions in this heartfelt and helplessly moving portrait of a child soldier from Canadian director Kim Nguyen.


A graveside funeral service sets the scene for what becomes a disturbing and fascinating piece of storytelling where looking beyond the surface reveals the deceased's former life.


Rob Stewart follows his outstanding documentary Sharkwater with this impassioned, angry and enduringly hopeful call to arms against our destruction of our planet's precious marine life.

Safe Room

During the Gulf War, a young Russian girl huddles with her family in a "safe room" in this moving, semi-autobiographical film that offers a child's-eye view of war.

Shit Girls Say

Toronto-based actors and filmmakers Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard premiere a new episode of their smash-hit internet sensation Shit Girls Say on the big screen.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #1

A biography of French surrealist Jean Benoît and an animated plea to free Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi anchor a profoundly cinematic programme of shorts-tied together with incredible art direction, masterful mise-en-scène and imaginative storytelling.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #2

From sexual taboos and young women coming of age to comedic documentaries, this programme asks challenging questions about the consequences of our decisions, taking us from mountainous villages of Vietnam to a small town in Quebec preparing for the apocalypse.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #3

Featuring new works by Mike Clattenberg and Charles Officer, this programme highlights some of Canada's most pressing issues, including city and racial politics, with new insight from dynamic and accomplished filmmakers.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #4

Ambitiously far-reaching in the scope of its subject and ideas, this programme goes from the modern rat race to a portrayal of family grief during the Gulf War, the aftermath of the 2011 Egyptian revolution to a sci-fi vision of survival.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #5

The perennial theme of family is spotlighted in this programme, linking stories of a father seeking to reconnect with his son through antiquated technology, a young Cree girl planning to be a mother, and a 3-D animated documentary about a woman's decision to give up her children.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #6

Opening with Nik Sexton's Newfoundland response to the likes of Fubar and Trailer Park Boys, and going out on the YouTube phenomenon that is Shit Girls Say (new episode!), these riotously funny films make keen observations on how people interact with one another, whether it be at a funeral, a pool, a buffet, or stuck in a canoe, naked.

Show Stopper: The Theatrical Life of Garth Drabinsky

Barry Avrich (Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project) recounts the life and troubled times of controversial Cineplex and Live Ent founder Garth Drabinsky, whose daring innovations and flamboyant personal style reshaped the Canadian entertainment industry.


Michael McGowan's Still is an exquisitely mounted and deeply affecting love story about one man's determination to create a suitable home for his ailing wife. Veterans James Cromwell and Genevieve Bujold are nothing short of magnificent as they mine the subtext in the story of a couple with a deep and complicated past.

Stories We Tell

Sarah Polley (Away From Her, Take This Waltz) makes her maiden voyage into documentary with this exploration of a family’s secrets, and the varying narratives that each member has created to explain their tangled past.


Ariane is about to leave Val-D'Or for a fresh start in Montreal, while her older brother stays behind at his job in the local mine. But her departure forces them to confront a lingering sexual tension between them, in director Sophie Dupuis' realistic but controversial portrayal of young lust.

Sullivan's Applicant

Stuck in a traffic jam on her way to a job interview in downtown Montreal, the harried Lucy unexpectedly makes a fateful connection with a perfect stranger.

The Tape

When a Toronto man digs through his attic for a VHS, he encounters a distinctly 21st-century problem: how to play it?

Their Feast

In the wake of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, a family prepares a feast to celebrate the release of their son from a National Security prison--but the day's events unfold in unexpected ways.


Already well-known at the Festival for his signature short films, Toronto filmmaker Kazik Radwanski makes his feature debut with this off-kilter and slyly funny character study about a thirty-something loner who tries to keep the world at arm’s length.


Tuesday is a dog walker. She's also a babysitter. In between, she does her best to sell a used microwave. Inspired by a hypothetical "grown up" version of Holden Caulfield's little sister Phoebe, Tuesday embraces the awkward, irresponsible and defining moments of being a twentysomething.

Vive la Canadienne

A lovely afternoon stroll in the park becomes a dynamic dancing duel of quick steps and high kicks between burly men and a joyful mademoiselle (while her slight boyfriend holds her purse).

When You Sleep

A rodent infestation forces a teen couple living in a slum apartment to face a larger, unspoken tension in their relationship.

With Jeff

When reserved Montreal teenager Nydia accepts a motorbike ride from an exciting and mysterious classmate, she finally discovers the thrill of spontaneity.

The Worst Day Ever

A young boy wakes up to the worst day of his life in this dark, Tim Burton–esque comedy about children's fear of disappointment.