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Eva Bednar

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    College professor
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  • Why did you join?
    To take a break from the mammoth-omniplex experience and have a reputable institution curate my movie experience.
  • What is your favourite part of being a TIFF Member?
    Being part of unexpected retrospectives (like the Keanu Reeves one) and iconic exhibitions (like the Bond one.)
  • How do you make the most out of your membership?
    My advice: Relive the familiar but don't settle for it. Go see something way different. And read the film notes of TIFF 180° magazine to stimulate your appetite. Those write-ups are pretty tasty morsels.
  • What is your favourite TIFF memory?
    The Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music and commentary. The Sound of Music has never been the same again.
  • If you could take on the life of one movie character, which would it be?
    Mary Poppins, because she gets to do it all: dance, sing, fly through the air, please everybody, bag everything, and then leave town.
  • What's your favourite movie snack?
    TIFF Bell Lightbox popcorn. Seriously. I have never been disappointed by Lightbox popcorn!

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Joy Gooding

  • Profession: Fundraiser
  • Ultimate movie snack: Jelly beans

Lucia Cascioli

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Moen Mohamed

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Kate Orgill

  • CDA (communicative disorders assistant) in speech-language therapy
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David & Joel

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Heather Rosen

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Debbie Fraser

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  • Profession: Concierge
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Andra Takacs

Andra Takacs

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Sarah Twomey

Sarah Twomey

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Jeremy Hobbs

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Caroline and Jenny Shaheed

Caroline and Jenny Shaheed

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Dorothy E. Siminovitch

Dorothy E. Siminovitch

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Michael & Marjorie Hale

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