Producers Lab Toronto (PLT) is a Canadian-European co-production forum delivered through a partnership between the Toronto International Film Festival, European Film Promotion (EFP), and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Producers Lab Toronto gathers experienced feature-film producers from across Canada and Europe for three days of industry programming at the start of the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2013, PLT welcomed producers from guest countries Australia and New Zealand to broaden the range of co-production possibilities. The objective of Producers Lab Toronto is to discuss projects, build knowledge, strengthen relationships, and support partnership-building for the financing, production and distribution of Canada-Europe and guest country co-productions.

Producers Lab 2013 took place September 4–7 in Toronto, taking advantage of the presence of the global film industry in the city to create a platform for the promotion of PLT participants and their projects. A total of 24 producers were selected to participate, ensuring an informal and highly engaging experience.

Congratulations to this year's selected participants.
European participants

Pandora da Cunha Telles, Ukbar Filmes (Portugal)
Yael Fogiel, Les Films du Poissons (France)
David Grumbach, Juliette Films (Luxembourg)
Katie Holly, Bl!nder Films (Ireland)
Siniša Juricic, Nukleus Film (Croatia)
Leila Lyytikäinen, Fisher King Productions (Finland)
Kim Magnusson, Dansk Film Kompagni (Denmark)
David Matamoros, Zentropa International (Spain)
Leontine Petit, Lemming Film (Netherlands)
Adrian Sturges, Picture Farm (United Kingdom)

Canadian participants
Matthew Cervi, Mad Samurai Productions
Anne-Marie Gélinas, EMAfilms Inc.
Jennifer Holness, Hungry Eyes Film &Television Inc.
Alex Lalonde, First Generation Films
Gerry Lattmann, The Dot Film Company Inc.
Mark Montefiore, Montefiore Films Inc.
Amber Ripley, Foundation Features Inc
Julia Sereny, Sienna Films
Anna Stratton, Triptych Media Inc.
Ingrid Veninger, pUNK Films Inc.

Australian participants
Melanie Coombs, Optimism film
Mathew Dabner, Blue Tongue

New Zealand's participants
Fiona Copland, filmwork
Robin Laing, StellaFilm

Detailed information about the 24 participants of Producers Lab Toronto 2013 can be found at

Producers Lab Toronto is financially supported by the European Union MEDIA Mundus programme.


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