Fist of Fury introduced by Nora Miao

Approx. Duration: 2 hour 1 minutes

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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The former Golden Harvest star and Toronto radio personality introduces our screening of the martial-arts classic, in which she co-stars opposite the legendary Bruce Lee.

Guest Biography

    • Nora Miao
    • One of the leading actresses of the 1970s, Golden Harvest Studio star Nora Miao is best known for her roles in director Lo Wei's legendary martial arts films. She made her debut in Lo's hit swordplay picture The Invincible Eight (71), followed closely by larger roles in The Blade Spares None (71), The Comet Strikes (71), and later in the Shaw Brothers' martial arts mystery Clans of Intrigue (77). She has starred opposite some of the most notable leading men of Hong Kong and Taiwanese cinema, including Bruce Lee (in Fist of Fury and The Way of the Dragon), Jackie Chan (in New Fist of Fury), and Ko Chuen Hsiung (in The Changing Clouds and Mistress). In the late 1980s, Miao retired from acting and moved to Toronto, where she is currently based, and can be heard on the Canada China Business Council (CCBC) radio program Coffee Talk.

Fist of Fury introduced by Nora Miao

    • Fist of Fury
    • Lo Wei
    • The one and only Bruce Lee is at his most ferociously pure (and vice versa) in this hyper-patriotic revenge fantasy about a Chinese kung-fu prodigy who wages one-man war against the Japanese villains who murdered his master.