Ivan Reitman Carte Blanche: Some Like It Hot

Approx. Duration: 2 hour 9 minutes

Series - Retrospective

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Canada's comedy kingpin introduces his Carte Blanche selection of Billy Wilder's classic cross-dressing farce.

Guest Biography

    • Ivan Reitman
    • Comedy titan Ivan Reitman has been associated with some of the biggest box office successes in Canadian cinema. He produced David Cronenberg's breakthrough features — Shivers (74) and Rabid (76) — and went on to produce and direct Meatballs (79), Bill Murray's star-making vehicle and one the highest grossing Canadian features ever made. Reitman's off-Broadway production of The National Lampoon Show evolved into the Universal feature National Lampoon's Animal House (78), a huge box office hit which changed the face of comedy and gave SNL actor John Belushi his breakout film role. Reitman soon built an impressive career as one of the most reliable director-producers in Hollywood, creating a string of hit-films including Stripes (81) and Ghostbusters (84). His son, Jason Reitman, has kept the love of comedy in the family. He is the director of Thank You For Smoking (05), and the Oscar-nominated features Juno (07) and Up in the Air (09).

Ivan Reitman Carte Blanche: Some Like It Hot

    • Some Like It Hot
    • Billy Wilder
    • The apotheosis of Marilyn Monroe and the height of the American farce, Billy Wilder's hilarious cross-dressing comedy remains as deft, fizzy and funny as it was half a century ago.