Packaged Goods: Focus on Asia

Approx. Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Packaged Goods: Focus on Asia

Approx. Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Packaged Goods: Focus on Asia

Approx. Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Series - Packaged Goods

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This edition of Packaged Goods digs deep into Asian short form creativity.

This programme is rated PG.

For the past two seasons, Packaged Goods has brought you tasty visual music videos, commercials and short films from around the world. But when looking far afield it's literally impossible to accurately represent the creative output of a particular region. With this edition of Packaged Goods we'll endeavor to dig deeper into Asian short form creativity, from China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.

Featured works to include:

Shugo Tokumaru "Katachi"
Japan \ 3:05 \ Music Video
Director: Kijek/Adamski, Katarzyna Rup/Ab Film Production
2,000 silhouettes laser-cut from PVC plates combine together to form a relentlessly energetic stop-motion video.

Androp "World. Words. Lights"
Japan \ 3:40 \ Music Video
Agency: Party, Japan
Director: Masashi Kawamura + Qanta Shimizu
Choreographed robots bring life to this video from pop group Androp. Created by agency Party, the lead robot was also released as a collectible toy.

Livetune "Transfer"
Japan \ 6:06 \ Music Video
Director: Fantasista Utamaro and Kazuma Ikeda
Looping action is combined with varying animation styles in this anime video.

FAW-Volkswagen "Out of This World"
Kuala Lampur \ 4:33 \ Spot
Agency: DMG, Kuala Lampur
Director: Kaism Lim, DMG
It's hard to imagine a more appropriate title for this longform ad for VW. With spectacular animation and the highest-octane, car-racing action impossible, it's truly out of this world.

Pepsi "Olympics Challenge"
China \ 0:30 \ Spot
Agency: BBDO Shanghai
Director: Gerald Ding, Psyop
Highly stylized animation fuels this Pepsi Olympics spot.

Nike "Mercurial Vapor Trail"
Japan \ 1:05 \ Spot
Agency: WK Tokyo
Director: Mark Ziebert, Imperial Woodpecker
World-famous footballer Christiano Rinaldo lays super high definition waste in his wake.

Gatorade "Fun Race"
Japan \ 1:44 \ Spot
Agency: Thomas Inc. / Glider / Rhizomatiks co.
Director: Eiji Tanigawa, Taiyo Inc. / Rhizomatiks co.
Running is made more electric with an LED-equipped treadmill that's synched to each step.

Sprite "Basketball Journey"
China \ 7:00 \ Web Film
Agency: BBH
Seven young basketball players travel around China to face unusual teams, sometimes to surprising results, in this webseries for Sprite.

Alipay "Key Auntie"
China \ 3:00 \ Spot
Agency: Lowe China
Director: Littichai Siriprasitpong, Phenomena
Based on a true story, this short film for insurance company Alipay tells the heartwarming story of a community's unspoken matriarch.

StarHub "Add Mums to Facebook"
Singapore \ 1:22 \ Spot
Agency: DDB Singapore
Singapore youth find out there are limits to their love for their moms.

Johnson & Johnson Gyno "Little V"
China \ 2:00 \ Spot
Agency: Ogilvy Raynet, Beijing, China
Director: David Gaddie, The Colony
With lovely reflective visuals, this is quite probably the only brand film narrated in the voice of a vagina.

Oronine "Nurturing Hands"
Japan \ 1:00 \ Spot
Agency: WK Tokyo
From the rough to the most tender, hands need nurturing.

Toshiba "With 10 Years of Life"
Japan \ 2:00 \ Spot
Agency: Dentsu, Japan
Director: Gen Sekiguchi, Paradise Cafe
Ten years of a family's life plays out in silhouette, lit by the same light bulb.

Shichifuku Towel "Father & Daughter"
Japan \ 2:00 \ Spot
Agency: ADK Japan, Tokyo
Director: Gaku Kinoshita, Robot Communications
A tender and melancholy story of a father's unwavering love for his daughter.

Microsoft "Multitasking"
China \ :55 \ Spot
Agency: JWT Beijing
Does playing piano and ping pong at the same time seem impossible? Not so, according to this ad for Microsoft.

Saridon "Wash"
Philippines \ :30 \ Spot
Agency: BBDO Guerrero
An effective medicine for headaches that pound - literally.

Sunsnack "Beijing Duck"
Thailand \ 1:00 \ Spot
Agency: Leo Burnett, Bangkok
Production: I Am Good, Bangkok
Problematic gaseous emissions take on a whole new meaning in this bonkers snackfood ad.

Fuji "The Big Picture"
Japan \ 1:30 \ Spot
Agency: Tugboat Tokyo
Director: Kosai Sekine
Excellent visual trickery saves a frontier town from certain pillaging.

Frooti "Shahrukh Khan"
India \ 1:34 \ Spot
Agency: Creativeland Asia
Director: Prakash Varma, Nirvana Films
Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan delivers a drool-worthy performance is this unexpectedly amusing ad.

Google "Tanjore"
India \ 1:30 \ Spot
Agency: BBH India
Director: E Suresh
The slogan "The web is what you make of it" takes on a distinctly Indian and artistic flair.

Thai Health Promotion Foundation "Smoking Kid"
Thailand \ 1:30 \ PSA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangkok
When approached to help light a cigarette by children, smokers are forced to question the effects of their own habit.

Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society "Pass it On"
Sri Lanka \ 2:05 \ Spot
Agency: Leo Burnett, Colombo
Director: Subhash Pinnapola, 24 Frames
A young boy implores a man to tell him a story before making a plea for the gift of vision.

ACRES "Tools of Destruction"
Singapore \ 1:45 \ PSA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Production: Coalition Singapore
A zoetrope of soup spoons appeals to Chinese soon-to-be-weds to reconsider the tradition of shark soup.

GE Ancient Innovations "Paper"
China \ 1:20 \ Spot
Agency: TBWA Digital Arts, Shanghai
Director: ACNE Productions/I Love Dust/Ars Thaena
Inspired by the ancient story of paper, GE shows how stories of the past can inspire innovative solutions to address China's most important environmental and healthcare challenges.

Citizen "Lady of Light"
Japan \ 2:30 \ Spot
Director: Daisuke Hashimoto
An ethereal animated maiden becomes a siren for Citizen's jewel-encrusted watch.

Japan \ 1:55 \ Spot
Director: Hiraoka Masanobu, Je Regarde
This dreamy, lyrical animated film was created to promote, video sharing social network that pays video makers for their work.

"Ya-Ne-Sen a Go Go"
Japan \ 1:27 \ Short Film
Director: Shishi Yamazaki
This fluid and artful film is a winsome romp of the director dancing through Tokyo.

"The Memory of Fountain"
South Korea \ 3:40 \ Short Film
Director: Kim, Young-jun
A delicate water man emerges to replenish creatures around him is this charmingly animated film.

"Lion Dance"
China \ 4:00 \ Short Film
Director: Duan Wenkai & Ma Weijia, University of China
A master and student don't agree on a high-wire routine to amusing effect in this award-winning student film.

"We Should Make Strange Things"
Japan \ 7:21 \ Short Film
Director: Naoki Niwa & Tadahiro Gunji, Tange Films
This surreal and fantastical animated short tells the story of an adrift character's bizarre encounters.