Canadian Open Vault: Summer 2013

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Our showcase of classic Canadian cinema pays tribute to the late Winnipeg filmmaker Winston Washington Moxam.

Films in Canadian Open Vault: Summer 2013

An iconoclast in a city built and peopled by iconoclasts, Winnipeg-based filmmaker Winston Washington Moxam (1963 – 2011) was one of the most prolific and unique voices to emerge from Manitoba in the 1990s. Unlike many other Manitoban filmmakers of Moxam's generation (e.g., John Paizs, Guy Maddin, deco dawson) whose tastes tended towards the surreal, Moxam dealt almost exclusively with such pressing social issues as poverty, social justice, race and sexuality. For him, the importance of the subjects he was dealing with inevitably trumped style, running counter to the dominant trends in the industry. The Winnipeg Film Group has recently struck new prints of a number of Moxam's short films as well as his two existing features, and published a catalogue on his films with contributions by Scott Birdwise, Daniel Eskin and Matthew Rankin. For this season's Canadian Open Vault, we are pleased to present two of Moxam's best shorts, preceded by an introductory lecture on Moxam's life and work by writer and scholar Scott Birdwise.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.