Old School

dir. Todd Phillips

Series - Retrospective

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Three middle-aged buddies (Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell) decide to relive their college glory days by founding their own, non-university-affiliated frat house, in director Todd Phillips and producer Ivan Reitman's millennial revamp of Animal House.
Middle-aged buddies Mitch (Luke Wilson), Beanie (Vince Vaughn) and Frank (Will Ferrell) are all fed up with their lives: Mitch has left his girlfriend after catching her mid-orgy; former party animal Frank has been kicked out by his newlywed bride after a drunken streaking incident; while reluctant family man Beanie is always on the lookout for an excuse to escape from his wife and kids. When Mitch moves into the local student ghetto near the university, the trio decide to start their own fraternity in an effort to recapture their college heyday — but their past comes back to haunt them when the vengeful university dean (Jeremy Piven), the former target of their adolescent pranks, vows to shut their rogue frat house down for good. A kind of adult-education version of Animal House — hardly a surprise given that original House godfather Ivan Reitman served as producer — Old School clearly harks back to the golden age of college comedies without ever feeling like a rehash. And just as Animal House sported John Belushi as its resident featured attraction, so Old School gives another SNL alum his star-making turn in the spotlight, with Ferrell's hard-drinking Frank "The Tank" ("Once it hits your lips it's so good!") effortlessly stealing the show.