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Short for Socially Motivated Immersive Light Environment, SMILE cubes react when stacked, and even offer kids a place to relax.
The SMILE cubes, short for Socially Motivated Immersive Light Environment, are designed to encourage play and a sense of wonder. Each light cube can communicate with neighbouring cubes, share colours, and even respond to music.


    • Dashing Collective
    • Dashing Collective is a creative studio specializing in visual effects and animation, founded by VFX Supervisor Robert Moggach.

    • Aesthetec Studio
    • Aesthetec Studio is a Toronto-based interaction design and technology company that creates engaging experiences. From museums to art galleries, exhibit booth to innovative products, Aesthetec finds creative solutions to address user interaction and technological challenges for a wide range of clientele, including museums and science centres, cultural institutions, retail and hospitality spaces, advertisers, artists and designers.

      Aesthetec has worked on major museums in Asia, the United States, and, most recently, Telus Spark in Calgary, Alberta — Canada's first new science centre in over 25 years (opened to the public in October 2011). Aesthetec is currently working with the Royal Ontario Museum on a new exhibit to be launched in May 2013.

      The studio was a part of the successful first-ever TIFFKids digiPlaySpace in 2012, and is proud to be part of the digiPlaySpace again this year. Team members: Mark Argo, Adam Carlucci, Erika Kiessner, Ashley Lewis, and Ann Poochareon.