dir. Greg Mottola

Series - Retrospective

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Produced by the ubiquitous Judd Apatow and co-written by Seth Rogen, this hit high-school comedy features Michael Cera at his nebbishy best and made the paunchy Jonah Hill into a star as his foul-mouthed buddy.

"You know when you hear girls say, 'Ah man, I was so shitfaced last night, I shouldn't have fucked that guy?' We could be that mistake!" — Seth (Jonah Hill)

Long-time best friends Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are in their last week of high school together before heading off to college and going their separate ways. When they get invited to a party at the house of Seth's crush Jules (Emma Stone), they're charged with bringing the booze or being branded even bigger losers than they already are. Relying on their buddy Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to make the alcohol run with his newly-minted fake ID — which gives him the unfortunate made-up moniker of "McLovin" — the duo are plunged into a series of wild misadventures, counterpointed with Fogell's bizarre experience with a pair of cops (co-writer Seth Rogen and SNL alum Bill Hader) with a peculiarly skewed idea of public service. Produced by the ubiquitous Judd Apatow, Superbad features Cera at his nebbishy best and made the paunchy Hill into a star as the foul-mouthed Seth. "A four-letter raunch-a-rama with a heart, and an inordinate interest in other key organs... The movie reminded me a little of National Lampoon's Animal House, except that it's more mature, as all movies are" (Roger Ebert).