dir. Bob Clark

Series - Retrospective

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Due to a programming change, the screening of Porky's scheduled to screen on August 10th has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Bob Clark's raucous, 1950s-set comedy doubles down on the crude sexual humour of Animal House in its tale of a group of horny high-school guys looking to lose their virginity in style.
In 1954 Florida, a group of horny high-school guys head out to the legendary Porky's bar & brothel looking to lose their virginity in style — but the joint's vile owner, the eponymous Porky, turns the tables on the underage would-be lotharios and dumps them in the drink. Already masters of pranks, the boys set their sights on avenging their humiliation, but first they'll have to contend with the aptly named girls' gym coach Beulah Balbricker, who's determined to find out who drilled a hole in the girls' shower and almost lost a certain appendage to her iron grip. Doubling down on the crude sexual humour of Animal House, Porky's defied an almost hysterically negative critical reaction (Siskel and Ebert famously labelled it one of the worst films of the year) by becoming a smash hit, spawning two sequels and a thus-far unrealized remake by Howard Stern. Produced by Canada's Astral Media (resulting in it often being listed as the top-grossing Canadian film of all time), Porky's is also notable for an early appearance by Canada's own Kim Cattrall who, years before attaining TV stardom as the lustful Samantha on Sex and the City, made her movie mark as a beautiful student mysteriously nicknamed "Lassie."