Body Paint

Memo Akten

Exhibitions - Public Programme

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Kids can create a visual masterpiece by using their body as a paintbrush.
In Body Paint, kids use their whole body to express themselves on this virtual canvas that interprets their creative movement and gestures, and turns them into digitally painted compositions. Body Paint brilliantly blends performance with real-time moving image creation. It’s not the final painting that matters, but the wonder kids will experience as their creations evolve!


    • Memo Akten
    • Memo Akten is a visual artist, musician and engineer working at the intersection of art and science. Developing and appropriating new technologies, he explores processes of visualizing the invisible; extracting and amplifying the unseen relationships within images, space, movement, sound and time. Driven by the urge to make the seemingly impossible possible, and awaken our childlike instincts to explore and discover new forms of interaction and expression, he invents new ways of creating and performing images and sound. His work ranges from live music/dance/theatre performances, large-scale immersive interactive installations and music videos, to online works and mobile applications. He is on the selection committee of ACM SIGGraph, computational consultant on the Architectural Associations’ Design Research Lab, and one of the core contributors to the openFrameworks project.