dir. Jan de Bont

Series - Retrospective

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A hotshot L.A. SWAT cop (Keanu Reeves) tries to steer a bomb-laden city bus to safety in this blockbuster action hit.
After foiling a mad bomber's attempt to hold an elevator full of people for ransom, hotshot L.A. SWAT cop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) is plunged into the vengeful villain's even more diabolical follow-up scheme: a bomb placed on a city bus that will explode if the vehicle drops below 50 mph. Daringly boarding the bus and enlisting the questionable driving skills of one of the passengers, the brash Annie (Sandra Bullock), Traven attempts to guide the bus to safety while trying to figure out the identity of the taunting mastermind (Dennis Hopper). Fast, funny, helplessly exciting and cheerfully ridiculous, Speed was a mammoth blockbuster that made a star out of the spunky, irrepressible Bullock and elevated Reeves to the action-movie A-list.

Featuring a special video intro by Keanu!