The Looking Glass War

dir. Frank Pierson

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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Anthony Hopkins stars in this excellent, often overlooked espionage tale based on the John le Carré novel, about a Polish defector who heads back behind the Iron Curtain to find evidence about Soviet missiles being placed near the German border.

British Intelligence discovers evidence that Soviet missiles are being placed close to the German border. With no active agents available to investigate, the Brits reactivate one of their former agents during WWII, a Polish defector named Leiser (Christopher Jones), to go back behind the Iron Curtain. A young British agent, Avery (Anthony Hopkins) is assigned to help him cross the border, evade East German police, and complete his assignment. Based on the John le Carré novel, The Looking Glass War is among the best, and most overlooked, Cold War espionage thrillers.