The Summit

dir. Nick Ryan

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Director Nick Ryan combines eyewitness accounts, gripping recreations and spectacular on-location footage to piece together the mystery behind the tragic 2008 deaths of eleven climbers as they attempted to scale K2, the world's most treacherous mountain.

The second tallest and most treacherous mountain in the world, K2 has exerted an irresistible attraction for climbers from around the globe. In 2008, that attraction turned fatal for eleven climbers who died while trying to reach the peak — a tragedy that has remained cloaked in mystery to this day, not least because the survivors of the expedition all had different stories to tell. In The Summit, director Nick Ryan weaves together eyewitness interviews with on-location footage and remarkably realistic re-enactments to uncover the true story of what happened on the slopes of K2. Gripping, powerful, and moving, The Summit is "a heart-throbbing experience ... remarkable" (The Hollywood Reporter).

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