Midway - The Art of Collaboration

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Session Note

In bringing the ambitious project Midway to the big screen, the visual artist and first time director Chris Jordan worked with highly skilled collaborators. Producer Stephanie Levy, editor and story by scribe Sabine Emiliani (March of the Penguins), composer and Oscar nominated sound designer Erik Aadahl (Argo, Tree of Life), and Oscar award winning sound designer Ethan Van der Ryn (Lord of the Rings, Argo) discussed the making of this unique film.

Guest Biographies

    • Stephanie Levy
    • Producer, Midway

      Stephanie Levy is an internationally recognized award-winning producer. Before producing Midway, Levy produced the independent feature film, David, winner of many prestigious awards, including: the Ecumenical Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival, and Special Jury Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival. She has also developed and produced numerous short films and PSA’s designed to raise awareness towards the compassionate treatment of animals. The full length feature documentary Midway, which chronicles the effects of plastic pollution on the colonies of seabirds that depend on the Pacific ocean for their food source, continues Levy's commitment to raising awareness about environmental ethics and the impact of our industrial practices on our planet's species.

    • Sabine Emiliani
    • Co-Director, Midway

      Sabine Emiliani’s documentary editing has garnered accolades from Sundance to Cannes to the Academy Awards. Ms. Emiliani’s 2006 Oscar-winning documentary, March of the Penguins earned critical and commercial success, including over $127 million at the box office alone. Ms. Emiliani’s work has won the prestigious American Cinema Editors Award for Best Editing for a Documentary as well as numerous Best Documentary Film awards worldwide. Sabine has worked on over 20 films. Midway is her directorial debut.

    • Erik Aadahl
    • Composer, Midway

      Erik Aadahl, composer and sound designer, is a four time Emmy award winner and has received Academy award nominations for his sound editing work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and most recently, Argo. Erik grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and took a full-ride scholarship to the University of Southern California to study Film Production. His early television credits include the Dune and Anne Frank miniseries, which garnered him two of his Emmy nominations. Erik has sound designed films such as I, Robot, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, Kung Fu Panda, Monster vs. Aliens, The Tree of Life, the three Transformers films, and World War Z. He co-owns E Squared Inc. (E2) with partner and Oscar-winning supervising sound editor Ethan Van der Ryn. Midway marks Erik's first original score as a composer.

    • Ethan Van der Ryn
    • Sound Designer, Midway

      Ethan Van der Ryn has enjoyed a fruitful and varied career, having won two Academy Awards for his sound editing of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and King Kong, three Oscar nominations for Transformers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and the recent Best Picture winner Argo. His work on King Kong and The Lord of the Rings garnered BAFTA nominations, and the Motion Picture Sound Editors bestowed two Golden Reel awards to Van der Ryn for Best Sound Editing - Effects and Foley for his work on James Cameron’s Titanic and Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. He co-owns E Squared Inc. (E2) with Oscar-nominated partner Erik Aadahl.