Distribution Case Study: The Act of Killing

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Session Note

Since its TIFF premiere in 2012, The Act of Killing has become one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. Despite its tough subject matter of mass killings in Indonesia, the film had the strongest per-theater box office debut of any doc this year. Tim League, the founder of the new distribution company Drafthouse Films, talked about the film's success and the factors of festival strategy, director involvement, social media and press engagement.

Guest Biography

    • Tim League
    • League graduated from Rice University in 1992 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Art/Art History. He and his wife founded the Alamo Drafthouse in 1997, where as CEO League remains committed to providing creative programming and a zero tolerance policy for disruption during the theater experience. League also co-founded Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the United States and recently launched Drafthouse Films, a distribution label committed to releasing provocative, visionary and unusual films from around the world. Past releases include critically-acclaimed comedies FOUR LIONS and KLOWN, the rediscovered classic WAKE IN FRIGH, and the Oscar-nominated BULLHEAD.