Atom Egoyan: 8½ Screens

8 1/2 screens
Concept image for 8 ½ Screens, Atom Egoyan, 2010

Using a key scene from Fellini's masterpiece , Atom Egoyan reverses the customary relationship between the projector, the audience and the screen to celebrate the emotionally interconnected nature of film viewing. A projector stands on stage, boldly spewing out light on screens spread throughout the venue. Fellini's various audiences – some angry, some in love, some bored – and a freaked-out director occupy their own spaces and screens, while the spectators are left to work out their own place in this configuration.

"The screening room scene near the end of Fellini's ... is possibly the single densest sequence of collective watching ever staged... rather than a compilation of clips from various sources, the installation is a deconstruction of a key scene from one of the greatest films about filmmaking (and film watching) ever made... Screens is a fantasy fuelled by one of the greatest imaginations of cinema’s golden age. I offer it with deep respect and more than a little nostalgia..."
—Atom Egoyan