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Team Building

Looking for a unique venue in Toronto to host your next team building event? TIFF Bell Lightbox offers a range of fun and engaging initiatives—all designed to inspire group collaboration and communication!

Choose from our full list of team building activities, all of which can be accommodated inside and around TIFF Bell Lightbox. Located in the heart of the entertainment district, our spacious, multi-purpose facility is also the perfect choice for your next AGM, Town Hall, Product Launch or Reception.

Make a Movie in a Day

TIFF Bell Lightbox can offer a one-of-a-kind corporate team building exercise is a great way to engage members of your team, allowing them to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive environment. In this workshop you will experience what it's like to be part of a film production by making a movie, from start to finish, in one day. Make a Movie in a Day is designed to strengthen leadership qualities, communication and character development — all you need to bring is your creativity and your imagination.

Auction Fever

Going once... going twice... SOLD! Our Auction Fever adventure puts a unique team-based spin on the excitement and suspense of an auction.

This in-room adventure will challenge your team to problem solve, make quick decisions, and work effectively together. The objective is simple: outwit and outbid other teams in a series of "closed" and "live" auctions to acquire items with the highest combined worth. In practice, however, it gets tricky: teams are faced with a series of impactful decisions that go well beyond what you might encounter during a regular auction house event! 

Scavenger Hunt

Ever helped a diva overcome her opening night jitters? Or shopped for unusual or exotic ingredients? Or figured out the attendance at a baseball game? Well, you might get the chance during this entertainment district adventure!

Our Scavenger Hunt takes teams to all of the area's high-profile landmarks and hidden gems. Teams of 4–6 are provided with a set of puzzles — everything from deciphering a constellation of stars on the Walk of Fame to saving a news anchor’s career at the CBC — that must be solved within a specific time frame. For each crafty conundrum, teams will first need to figure out their destination, and then solve the entertaining challenge associated with that site. Your route can easily be customized to begin and end in your TIFF Bell Lightbox event space.

Cake Creators

Cooking shows, culinary learning experiences and tasty team building events are a hot trend. You can treat your group to this delicious and creative challenge to bring some spice into corporate life!

Our version of this enjoyable team building exercise provides your colleagues with the skills and supplies necessary to design and decorate amazing cakes—all in a friendly yet competitive environment. Recreate your company logo, a key product within your business, or other custom themes to suit your event.

Culinary events are low impact and well suited for any group size.

CI: The Crime Investigators

Teams compete in an exciting and entertaining game of detective work, inspired by popular television series.

Each member is given a specific navigational or crime-solving skill and must use their powers of detection and deduction to work through the investigation. Teams will manoeuvre through “crime scene” locations, searching for clues, uncovering evidence, and receiving lab results until they solve the case: who has committed this shocking crime?


James Bond: Secret Agent 007

After months of surveillance, the Agency has tracked the nefarious Dr. Black to the area. Recent intelligence suggests that Dr. Black may be on the move again and the Agency has limited time and resources to ensure a swift capture. Agents are tasked with deciphering the clues and assisting in the identification, capture and arrest of this contemptible individual.

Agents will work together uncovering clues, observing suspects and interacting with a variety of characters that will either assist them, or work to intentionally lead them astray. The team whose information proves most accurate and valuable to the Agency will be awarded the coveted “007” status — a licence to kill.


The Apprentice

It takes a special kind of team to work effectively with each other and discover the best way to get strong, winning performances out of everyone. Today, that strong winning performance will lead one group to victory and earn one deserving team the honour of being named “The Apprentice.” Working in teams, members will build, custom outfit, and design an ad campaign for a high-quality brand of children's bikes. Teams will present their original, innovative and often humorous ad campaigns to the audience. The winning team will be crowned The Apprentice.

This activity will not only bring your team together, but it will bring a smile to a child's face. A simple gift like a shiny new bicycle can make a child feel special.

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