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New Worlds: The Films of Terrence Malick

June 4 – 19
Extended due to popular demand!

In anticipation of his highly anticipated new film The Tree of Life, TIFF Cinematheque presents a full retrospective of the films of Terrence Malick, one of the most legendary and enigmatic of all American filmmakers.


TIFF Cinematheque

Hollywood Classics: Montgomery Clift

June 12 –  30

The rare actor who embodied an age—the neurotic, nuclear 1950s, surely the greatest decade in American cinema—the vulnerable, brooding and beautiful Montgomery Clift represented the “new man” in a macho time.

TIFF Cinematheque

Egypt  Rising: Portents Of Revolution In Recent Egyptian Cinema 

June 15 – 25

In the years leading up to the Tahrir Square Revolution, Egyptian cinema had already begun to articulate the voices of dissent that would erupt in January 2011.

TIFF Cinematheque

World on a Wire

June 17 & 19

Reappearing from the cinematic ether like one of its holographic subjects, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s science fiction epic World on a Wire is finally being released nearly forty years after it was made.

TIFF Cinematheque

The New Auteurs: João Pedro Rodrigues 

June 23 - 28

Provocative Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues (b.1966) has unquestionably become one of the most fascinating figures in contemporary cinema.

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Fellini Dream Double Bills

June 30 - September 2

Nine luminaries from the film world—filmmakers, critics and programmers—along with our own TIFF programmers create a series of double-bills that pair a Fellini film with another film that is inspired by, rhymes or contrasts with the Maestro’s unique vision.

TIFF Cinematheque

Raj Kapoor and the Golden Age of Cinema

July 1 - August 7

We are proud to present the first major Raj Kapoor retrospective in North America in nearly three decades, featuring a number of newly struck 35mm prints.

TIFF Cinematheque

Masks And Faces: The Films Of John Cassavetes 

July 14 - 31

Widely hailed as the “father of American independent cinema,” renegade director John Cassavetes gave birth to a rawer, freer kind of filmmaking that has influenced directors from Martin Scorsese to Paul Thomas Anderson.

TIFF Cinematheque

Days Of Glory: Masterworks Of Italian Neorealism

July 28 - August 28

A rich mix of classics and rarities featuring such giants as Rossellini, De Sica and Visconti, this long anticipated series surveys one of the most important movements in postwar international cinema.

TIFF Cinematheque

And Justice For All: The Films Of Norman Jewison

August 11 - September 1

While many Canadians have enjoyed substantial careers in Hollywood, few have enjoyed the remarkable success and longevity of Norman Jewison.